Sándor Gebei: The Eastern European Context of the Peace of Carlowitz

Magda Jászay: A Soldier, Diplomat and Scientist – Luigi Ferdinando Marsili in Hungary During the Final Period of Turkish Rule

Gábor Gyáni: Compassion, Discipline, or the Genealogy of Social Care

Andrea Pető: Passing Army, Lasting Trauma - the Memory of Soviet Rape Cases in Budapest

M. János Rainer: The Last Moments Before the Revolution - Imre Nagy in October 1956

Antal Molnár: A Jesuit Mission in Karánsebes (1625–1642)

The Unpublished Writings of Mihály Babits and Ferenc Molnár in the Legacy of Sándor Imre (Published by Boldizsár Vörös)

Attila Zsoldos: Two Fake Documents

Nóra G. Etényi: The Siege of Szigetvár in 1664. Analysis of a False Piece of News–And the Zrínyi Tradition

Contents in Hungarian