tsz2011 3kSTUDIES
Ferenc Glatz: Historiography in Hungary, 1949–1990 315
Katalin Péter: The Common People, the Charters and the Archives in Hungary in the 16th and 17th Centuries – With Respect to the Preceding Three Hundred Years 335
Szabolcs Varga: An Unknown Humanist: Albert Peregi, Provost of Pécs 351
Ágnes Ózer: Serbian Historiography on the Hungarians and Hungary (1918–1941) 377
Magdolna Baráth: “Pedro”: Ernő Gerő in Spain 387
Róbert Fiziker: Seven Lean Years(?): The Lion Prepares for a Jump. Chapters in the History of Austro-Hungarian Cultural Relations (1963–1970) 425

Norbert C. Tóth: Perpetual Ispáns in the Age of King Sigismund 467