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Fall of Empires, Formation of Countries (Stefano Bottoni) 533

Zsolt Jončev: Ethnic Dimensions of the Czechoslovak Legion 537
Lukács Krajcsír: The History of the Gottwald Brigade: Czechoslovakia’s Role in Birth of State of Israel 551
Zoltán Sz. Bíró: How and Why Did the Soviet Union Fall Apart? 567
László Bíró: Independence of Montenegro 589
Daniele Conversi – Sanjay Jeram: Despite the Crisis: The Resilience of Intercultural Nationalism in Catalonia 611
Róbert Balogh: Starvation, Nutrition and Modernity in Late Colonial India, 1920–1950 633
Tamás Baranyi: May 1968 in France and the Balance of Forces in Great Power Relations 651

Book Reviews
History of Czechoslovakia in Documents (Péter Vukman) 667
The Tunis Crusade of 1270: A Mediterranean History (Bernadett Opre) 671
Trademarks of Cloth Rolls: Archaeological Remains of the Textile Trade in the Hungarian Kingdom (Bence Péterfi) 675
Silk and Tea in the North: Scandinavian Trade and the Market for Asian Goods in Eighteenth-Century Europe (Márton Kiss) 678