Balkans in Numbers is a joint pilot project by the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network (prevously ELKH), Budapest, and the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg. The goal is to visualize important demographic, social, and economic indicators of Southeast European countries, as recorded in past censuses.

balkans tti

Data are shown on the district level. The pilot phase has been financially supported by ELKH Proof of Concept project 3/2021. New data will be shown as further censuses are included in the underlying database. (From the 1930s we have some data for all the visualized countries, for the 1970s Romania, Greece and Bulgaria is yet left blank – 01.01.2024.). So, Balkans in Numbers is work in progress.

Responsible researchers: Gábor Demeter, Zsolt Bottlik, Ulf Brunnbauer, Tillmann Tegeler. 

IT expert and design: Gábor Pálóczi.

The webmap is available here.