tsz2014 3STUDIES
Norbert C. Tóth: The Personal Meetings between Kings Sigismund of Hungary
and Wladislaw II of Poland after the Peace of Lublin (1412–1424) 339
Tamás Fedeles–Katalin Prajda: „He lived so piously, exhibiting moderation
in his manners and habits”. The Religiosity of Pippo Scolari and his Family 357
Géza Hegyi: The Estate Division of the Jakcs of Kusaly Family around 1425 383
András W. Kovács: The Ispáns of the Transylvanian Counties in the Middle Ages 407
Gábor Ittzés: The University of Wittenberg in the Early Sixteenth Century 423

Gábor Mikó: New Parliamentary Record from the Jagiellonian Period.
Remarks on the History of Parliaments between 1507 and 1514 and
the Making of Werbőczy’s Tripartitum 455
Orsolya Völgyesi: József Eötvös and the Secret Police at the Parliament of 1839–1840 481
Miklós Konrád: József Eötvös and the Jews 495
András Fejérdy: Between Rome and Vienna. The Strategy of Archbishop Sándor Rudnay
of Esztergom in Order to Secure the Success of the Hungarian National Synod in 1822 511