tsz2005-1-2István György Tóth: Prince István Bocskai and the Catholic Church

Borbála Benda: “I Have Engaged Such a Cook” Kitchen Staff in the Aristocratic Households of Seventeenth-Century Hungary

Attila Pók: Scapegoating in Twentieth Century Hungary

László Németh: Ministerial Commissioner Alajos Degré and his Efforts on Behalf of Transylvanian Sabbathists, 1941–1944

Péter E. Kovács: Wild Bull (Bos Primigenius) or Bison (Bison Iubatus)? Italian Nobles and Hungary’s Wild Beast (Data on the Fauna of Medieval Hungary)

Judit Pihurik: War Propaganda and the Reality Reflected by the War Diaries - Soldiers of the Second Hungarian Army on the Soviet Front

Attila Seres: Swapping a Political Prisoner for Hungary’s National Relics - Russian Archival Sources on the Release of Mátyás Rákosi in Return for the Military Flags of the 1848–1849 War of Independence


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