tsz 2012-3 STUDIES
Gábor Gyáni: Nation, Collective Memory and Public History 357
Anssi Halmesvirta–Kustaa H. J. Vilkuna: Public History in the Making. A New Methodological Approach to Study Memory-Building 377
Holger Fischer: Public History – Historical and Commemorative Culture – Politics of Memory. Their Position in Contemporary Historical Science in Germany 389
Stanislaw A. Sroka: The Augustinian Monastery in Bardejov in the Middle Ages 411
Katalin Péter: The Lessons of the Vernacular Translations of Werbõczy’s Tripartitum – The Intelligentsia’s Responsibility in the 16th Century 421
Miklós Konrád: Mór Wahrmann and His Children. A Chapter in the History of the Jewish Bourgeoisie in the Dualist Period 441
László Szarka: Parallel Phenomena in Hungarian and Slovak Historiography and Public History 469



(Lehet, hogy) meggyilkolták a királyt! 503

Borhi László: Magyar–amerikai kapcsolatok 1945–1989. Források 522