vt 2014-1Information History – Reloaded. Introduction to a Special Issue (László Z. Karvalics)        1

László Z. Karvalics: Information History as Big History        5
Tamás Kristóf Árvai: The Informative Function of Redundancy in the Neo-Assyrian Society      27
Attila Buhály: Literacy and Power Communication in the Ancient Near East: The Case of Urartu      53
Tamás Fedeles: Divine and Earthly Communication. Aristocratic Devotion in the Late Middle Ages – A Channel of Information Flow      67
Tünde Radek: Information Flow in the Kingdom of Hungary in the Mirror of German Medieval Chronicles    103
Erzsébet Hanny: Turkish Wars, Spanish News: The Routes and Readers of the News in Spain during the 17th Century    125
Maria Stuiber: Informants and Classical Correspondents in the Erudite Correspondence of Cardinal Stefano Borgia    139
Boldizsár Vörös: Information Flow on a Fictive Event: The Case of Captain Gusev in the Hungarian and Soviet Historiography    161

Cultural Antecedents of the Information Revolution (László Dávid Törő)    175
Across the Oceans! (Róbert Káli)    178
Beyond the Nation – Books without Borders (Ádám Magyarosi)    181
Empire and Information: Intelligence Gathering and Social Communication in India, 1780–1870 (Márta Kovács)    184