vt2014-4-Ghosts from the Bottle (Renáta Skorka) 553

Philippe Buc: The Imprint of the Middle Age: The Holy War 557
Laura Fábián: The Biblical Model of Louis IX: King Solomon 579
János Makai: The Relations of Vladimir–Suzdal and Kiev at the Turn of the 12th–13th Centuries 605
Renáta Skorka: The Chronology of Diplomatic Relations between the Habsburgs and the Hungarian Angevins during the Reign of Charles IV of Luxemburg 631
Péter E. Kovács: The Sienese Grants of King Sigismund of Luxemburg 661


Veronika Eszik: Augustus, First Person Singular 679
Marianne Sághy: The Aachen Exhibitions Commemorating Charlemagne 1200 685
Bence Péterfi : The Emperor of Bavarians 691

Book Reviews
Illegal Road, Corpse Road, Middle Road (Viktória Kovács–Boglárka Weisz) 697
A Hungarian Legion against the South Italian Brigandage. Documents from the Italian Military Archives (Petra Hamerli) 703

The Agony of an Empire. Austro–Hungarian Monarchy, 1914–1920 (Veronika Eszik) 706
World War I: Controversies, Reinterpretations (Klára Jakó) 711
Transforming Rural Societies. Agrarianism in East Central Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (János Fritz) 716