TSZ 2013-2Studies
Gábor Barabás: Delegated Papal Jurisdiction in Hungary from the Origins to the Middle of the 13th Century     175
György Kövér: The Economic History of the Hungarian Review of Economic History (1894–1906): an Institutional Approach and Historiography    201
Imre Tóth: The Road of Kálmán Kánya to the Leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs    225

Tibor Neumann: The Beginnings of the Voevode of Transylvania’s Right of Donation    261
Péter Kasza: „… so that the king of Poland may do some kind of peace between you” The Anatomy of the Talks of Poznań in 1530    271
András Fejérdy: Strategies Applied by the Holy See in order to Fill the Hungarian Episcopal Sees between 1945 and 1964    291

On the activities of Hungarian occupation troops in the Soviet Union    307

Review Articles    341