Béla Köpeczi: Nationalities in the War of Independence of Francis Rákóczi II.

István H. Németh: Border Fortresses, Towns and Army Suppliers. The Urban League in Upper Hungary and the System of Defence (1526–1593).

Orsolya Völgyesi: The Conflict between Government Intentions and County Jurisdiction in the First Half of the 1830s in Pest County

György Gömöri: The Báthoris in the Legends and in the Reality

László Olter: British Travellers in Hungary (1792–1815)

Tamás Stark: Arrow-Cross Writings after 1945

Peter Sipos–Lajos Gecsenyi: The Memoirs of Gusztav Gratz

Loránt Tilkovszky: The Fate and Views of Gusztáv Gratz after the German Occupation of Hungary

Gergő Bendegúz Cseh: The Minutes of a Meeting Held on 22 August 1945 by the Allied Control Commission for Hungary

Contents in Hungarian