tsz2008 1kFerenc Glatz: About the Future of the Institute of History of HAS (2007)

László Glück: The Trade Routes of Salt of Máramaros in the Middle of the 16th Century

Antal Molnár: Contention for the Chapel of Novi Pazar (1627–1630). The Ragusan Republic and the Balkan Catholicism in the First Half of the 17th Century

András Lugosi: Is Everything Otherwise? History of the Karinthy Family and the Intergenerational Transfer of Memory

Attila Seres: Hungarian–Soviet Trade Relations Between 1939 and 1941. Additional Material to the Analysis of Hungarian Foreign Trade before Entering into War. (Part II)

Pál Germuska: Kadhafi’s “Ears”. Producing Radio Reconnaissance Instruments in Hungary, 1965–1985

Georg Herbstritt: “The Balkan File” of the Ministry of State Security. Secret Service Measures Against the Hungarian Emigration of West Germany


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