vt11 1-2 eloborito

Zsuzsanna Hámori Nagy: Westphalia: Remembrance or Oblivion? 1
Márta Vajnági: Does the Holy Roman Empire Need an Emperor? Debate over the German Constitution in 1787-1788 15
Zsolt Kökényesi: Interconnecting Science and Public Sphere Via an Example of a Noble Academy: A Representation of the Viennese Theresianum in the 18th Century 35
István Majoros: Political Changes in France of 19th Century 69
Zsolt Vitári: The Role of the Hitler-Youth in Organizing the Eastern ‘Lebensraum’ 93
Gusztáv D. Kecskés: The East-European Soviet Satellites from the Nato Perspective during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis 121
András Vadas: A Moment of (the History of) Earth. Thoughts on Environmental History Concerning the Something New under the Sun by John McNeill 147


Tormodus Torfæus: The Norvegian Edition of Historia rerum Norvegicarum (1711) (Tamás Miszler) 161
Boris Fausto: A Concise History of Brasil (Dávid Zelei) 166
Diarmaid MacCullouch: The Reformation: A History (Artur-Lóránd Lakatos) 169