The Great War’s Interpretations in Regional Approach (László Szarka) 165

vt2015 2 borito 1Studies
László Szarka: From Multi-national Empires to Multi-ethnic Nation States: State-Building Nationalism in East-Central European Countries during the First World War 171
Enikő Gyarmati: Austria–Hungary in the First World War – in the Recent English Language Scholarly Literature 193
Mile Bjelajac: The Role of Serbia in the Current Historical Debates on the Origins of the First World War 217
Ágnes Ózer: Nothing New in Serbia: The Assessment of the First World War and the Reception of the Newest Foreign Literature in Serbia 241
Barna Ábrahám: The International Dimension of the Slovak Question during the First World War 257
László Kürti: Identity and Propaganda in the Art of Miltiades Manno at the Time of the First World War 289
Gabriela Dudeková: Family and Survival Strategies during the First World War: Long-term Changes in the Slovak Society 311

Book Reviews
Kokugaku in Meiji-period Japan: The Emergence of the Modern Japanese National Consciousness (Ildikó Farkas) 333
The Image of Balkan Wars in the Recent French Literature (Gábor Demeter) 338
The Role of the Albanian Storm Centre in the Outbreak of the First World War (Gábor Demeter) 341