tsz2009 2k

Tamás Körmendi: The Murderous Attack Against Queen Gertrude According to Foreign Narrative Sources

Enikõ Csukovits: The “Coiling Snake” and the “Satan’s Servant”. The Portrayal of the Enemy in Narrations of Medieval Royal Gift-Deeds in Hungary

Erika Varsányi: Municipal Elections in Budapest in 1930. Making the New Law of the Capital (Act Xviii Of 1930), Its Influences and Consequences

Zsuzsanna Varga: After the “Earthquake”. The Power and the Peasants in Hungary in the First Half of the 1960’s

Gábor Gyáni: Everyday Life as an Analytical Category. Optional Way of Social History

Tibor Martí–Tibor Monostori: The Foreign Policy of the Count-Duke of Olivares and the Beginnings of Péter Pázmány’s Legation to Rome in 1632

Andreas Schmidt-Schweizer–Tibor Dömötörfi: “He Declared: Mass Fleeing from the GDR for the FRG Was Not in Their Interest.” Two Documents to the History of GDR Citizens Fleeing to Hungary and West German–Hungarian Relations at the Beginning of August 1989


Contents in Hungarian