Pál Fodor: The Bequest of Üveys Pasha. Fiscal Policies, Confiscation and the Ottoman Ruling Élite at the End of the Sixteenth Century

Csaba Szilágyi: The Work of István Szántó (Arator) in Transylvania and the Partium, 1580–1588

Andor Ladányi: Churches and Higher Education in Hungary, 1919–1944

Gottfried Schramm–Joachim Von Puttkammer–Meinolf Arens: How Did the Romanians Became a Majority in Romania?

Éva Bóka: Karl Renner’s European Federalism

Attila Seres: A Great Enemy of Bolshevism, A True Friend of the Soviet Union: Soviet Documents on Gusztáv Gratz (1924–1925)


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