Attila Zsoldos: The County of Visegrád and What Came after It

Zsigmond Pál Pach: The Thirtieth Customs Duty in Transylvania and Wallachia in the Early Part of the 15th Century

Scott M. Eddie: The Landowner Elite in Burgenland and in Western Hungary between 1893 and 1935

István György Tóth: The First Catholic Census in Székely Land (A Report Drafted by István Szalinai in 1638)

András Cieger: On the Trail of the Lónyay–Kappel Fortune

Memorandum by Elemér Mályusz on the Establishment of a Hungarian Historical Institute (Published by Vilmos Erős)

Pál Hatos: Historical Tradition and the Reformation. Interpretations of the Memorial of the Reformation in Geneva

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