vt11 3-4 eloborStudies
András Forgó: The Cultural History of Politics. The Debate over a “German” Theory and its Lessons 171
Bálint Kovács: Applying Network Analysis in Historical Research 187
Krisztián Csaplár-Degovics–Gábor Demeter: Social Conflicts in the Skopski Sanjak. Everyday Violence on the Eve of the Collapse of Ottoman Central Power (1900–1912) 205
Anita Zalai: Women’s Role in Spain During the Second Republic (1931–1939) 243
Alpár Bezzegh: Travel to Ethnic Germans of the Baøka in the Summer of 1936. An Account of the German College Professor Rudolf Schaal’s Experiences 257
Péter Vukman: Yugoslavia, Great Britain and Egypt, 1956–1961. An Analysis of Foreign Office Sources 289

Political Symbolism in Medieval Europe (Tatjana Guszarova) 303
Family Relations in the Diplomacy of the House of Habsburg (Mónika Edina Bán) 305
The Reinterpretations of Ludovít Štúr (Csaba Katona) 308
The Soviet–Yugoslav Relationships in the XXth Century (László Bíró) 316
The Short American Century (Zoltán Peterecz) 325