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Lectures by Attila Pók in Canada

At the invitation of the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa, Attila Pók (professor emeritus, Institute of History, HUN-REN Research Centre for the Humanities) gave several lectures in ... read more..


Lecture by Szabolcs László in Ljubljana

Szabolcs László, a research fellow at our institute specializing on the history of the Cold War, participated in the workshop entitled International Friendship within and beyond the Iron Curtain, orga... read more..


László Borhi: Survival under Dictatorships. Life and Death in Nazi and Communist Regimes

A complex array of individual responses to the abuse of power by the state in three horrific episodes in the history of East-Central Europe is represented in László Borhi's book Survival under Di... read more..


Dino Mujadžević joined the NKFI FK 132 609 project

A new researcher joined the project NKFI FK 132 609, Consortional assoc.: Exploration of cadastral surveys (tapu defter) of Ottoman Hungary and the periphery of the occupied region II. Dino ... read more..


Stepfamilies across Europe and Overseas, 1550–1900

Stepfamilies across Europe and overseas 1550-1900 is the third volume of the Momentum “Integrating Families” Research Group's published by Routledge, which emphasizes diverse perspectives on the ... read more..


Asymmetrical Neighbours: Minor Players and Empires in the Early Modern and Modern Borderlands

On February 9–10 the SMALLST project, in collaboration with the Islamic Studies Institute of the Heidelberg University and the Warsaw Centre for Global History of the University of... read more..


Regional Differences in the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary

The project, in which Gábor Demeter, senior researcher (HUN-REN RCH Institute of History) is a participant, Regional Differences in the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary led by Beatrix F. Romhányi... read more..


Balkans in Numbers

Balkans in Numbers is a joint pilot project by the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network (prevously ELKH), Budapest, and the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg. T... read more..


Department for Southeast European Studies

It was a major landmark in the institutionalization of the Hungarian historical Balkan research when, in 2014, the Department for the Research of Southeast European History was founded as a separate u... read more..


The Knights Hospitaller in Medieval Hungary

The aim of this book is to present the history and activity of the Hospi-tallers in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary (c.1150–1543) based on thorough research of primary sources both kept in Hungary and... read more..


Lecture by Szabolcs László at Bielefeld University

Szabolcs László, research fellow at our institute, participated in the conference entitled Dis-/Сonnecting the World: Subjectivities, Networks and Transcultural Encounters across Cold War Boundaries, ... read more..


Lecture by Leslie Waters

On September 26, Leslie Waters, assistant professor of history at the University of Texas at El Paso, gave a lecture at the Institute of History on her newly published book, Borders on the Move: Terri... read more..


Lecture by Heléna Huhák in New Orleans

Heléna Huhák, a research fellow of our institute, participated in the workshop Confronting the Nazi Genocide: New Directions in Holocaust Studies, held at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, Sept... read more..


Lecture by Janka Kovács in Oslo

Janka Kovács, a postdoctoral research fellow at our institute, participated in the conference of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health (EAHH), which took place from 30 August... read more..


Lecture by Gábor Demeter and Péter Földvári in Vienna

On 2 September. 2023 Gábor Demeter, senior research fellow of our institute and Péter Földvári, visiting research professor gave a lecture at the 15th European Historical Economics Society (EHES) Conf... read more..


The Mufassal Tahrir Defteri of the Sanjak of Segedin (1578)

An important Ottoman source has become available to researchers as part of the RCH’s 21st-Century Studies in Humanities series. The Mufassal Tahrir Defteri of the Sanjak of Segedin (1578) is the ... read more..


MECERN conference in Bratislava

Our institute was represented by Dániel Bácsatyai, Benjámin Borbás and Bence Péterfi at the fifth biennial conference of the Medieval Central Europe Research Network (MECERN), a three-day scientific g... read more..


Lectures by Tamás Stark in the United States

In April 2023, Tamás Stark, Senior Research Fellow of our Institute, gave three lectures in the United States: in New York, Rochester and New Haven about the twentieth century history of Hungary,... read more..


Lectures by Gábor Demeter, Krisztián Csaplár-Degovics and Janka Kovács in Glasgow

The annual conference of the Association for British Slavic and East European Studies took place in Glasgow from 31 March to 2 April 2023, where our institute was represented by Gábor Demeter, Senior ... read more..


Book presentation of Réka Újlaki-Nagy's monograph

On March 20, 2023, our institute and the Hungarian Unitarian Church co-organized the presentation of Réka Újlaki-Nagy's book "Christians or Jews? Early Transylvanian Sabbatarianism (1580-1621) in the ... read more..


In the Saddle, on Horseback – The Art of War of the Conquest-Era Magyars

With the help of researchers from the Hungarian Prehistory Research Group of the Institute of History of the ELKH Research Centre for the Humanities (RCH) the popular history film In the Saddle, ... read more..


New GISta Hungarorum database and digital atlas

The GISta Hungarorum database and digital atlas supplemented with data from settlement-level surveys and population census from the 1720s, 1750s (Transylvania) and 1780s was completed under the leader... read more..


Remarriage and Stepfamilies in East Central Europe, 1600-1900

Due to high adult mortality and the custom of remarriage, stepfamilies were a common phenomenon in pre-industrial Europe. Focusing on East Central Europe, a neglected area of Western historiography, t... read more..


The Historical Construction of National Consciousness | Book launch

A long essay entitled Three Historical Regions of Europe, appearing first in a samizdat volume in Budapest in 1980, instantly put its author into the forefront of the transnational debate on... read more..

Lendület: Középkori gazdaságtörténet

New book publication on medieval merchants

In December 2018, the Lendület (‘Momentum’) Medieval Hungarian Economic History Research Group won a grant from the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH) of Hungary for the prep... read more..


International Conference on Economic Functions of Urban Spaces

The International Commission for the History of Towns (ICHT) held its annual meeting in Budapest, September 18–20, 2019, co-organized with the “Lendület” Medieval Hungarian Economic History Research G... read more..

Horizon 2020

New book publication on Communist Eastern Europe, edited by Péter Apor and Sándor Horváth

Secret Agents and the Memory of Everyday Collaboration in Communist Eastern Europe is now available through Anthem Press and JSTOR. This collection of essays addresses institutions that deve... read more..


The International Conference Francis Joseph and Croats in World War I

The International Conference Francis Joseph and Croats in World War I (Medjunarodni znanstveni skup Franjo Josip i Hrvati u prvome svjetskom ratu) took place on November 21, 2016 in Zagreb. The event,... read more..


The Hungarian Historical Review, Issue 2, 2016

The latest thematic issue of The Hungarian Historical Review is entitled Humanities & Nationalism. Its contents are available here The periodical can be purchased or ordered at the HAS RCH Institu... read more..

Egyéb hírek

’Szigetvár 1566’ Conference

Between September 6 and 9, 2016 an international scientific conference has been held in Pécs organized by our institute in cooperation with the Scientific University of Pécs. The conference took place... read more..

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