tsz2004-1-2András Kubinyi: Network of Towns in the Carpathian Basin in the Late Middle Ages

Peter Konya: Society of the Towns of Upper Hungary in the Seventeenth Century

Igor Graus: Free Time of the Burgher. What Did the Burghers of Besztercebánya Do in Their Free Time in the Sixteenth Century?

Judit Majorossy: The Role of the Corpus Christi Confraternity in the Life of the Citizens of Late Medieval Bratislava

Katalin Szende: Children, Brothers, Sisters, Spouses: Family Relations and Inheritance Customs in Eperjes (Prešov) as Reflected in Medieval Testaments

Enikõ Csukovits: Crime and Punishment in the Practice of the Medieval Towns. The Criminal Cases of the Town-Book of Selmecbánya in the Fourteenth-Fifteenth Centuries

Blanka Szeghyová: Violence and Conflict Management in the Burghers’ Everyday Life in the Sixteenth Century


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