tsz2005 34kAttila Zsoldos: Urban Burghers in the Service of the Royal Family

Csilla Ladányi-Turóczy: The Portuguese Chronicles of Fictional Hungarians

György Haraszti: The “Real” Fortunatus

Katalin Péter: The “Latter Days” in Sixteenth-Century Hungary

Pál Fodor: Some Notes on Ottoman Tax Farming in Hungary

Klára Hegyi: The Inhabitants and Peasant-Soldiers of the Vilayet of Temesvár

Balázs Sudár: The Library of a Turkish Intellectual in Buda in the Sixteenth Century

Teréz Oborni: Treasury Income and Expenditure in Transylvania in the Late Sixteenth Century

J. János Varga: 1682 – The Year of Imre Thököly

Boldizsár Vörös: “Advertisements and the Workers’ Press” Commercial Advertisements in Social Democratic Publications in Hungary From 1870–1890

Gábor Gyáni: Crime under Horthy


Contents in Hungarian