András Kubinyi: A Public Record of the Császárvár Estate Dating from 1489

Attila Zsoldos: The Origins of Szepes County

Enikő Csukovits: Knights Pilgrimages

Tamás Pálosfalvy: The Ottoman Campaign of March 1442 (Remarks on the First Anti-Ottoman Struggles of János Hunyadi)

Zsuzsa Teke: The Financial Condition of Florentine Businessmen Acting in Hungary of Sigismund’s Age

Tamás Körmendi: Hungarian Aspects of the Thirteenth-Century Catalogues of Monasteries of the Premonstratensian Order

Árpád Nógrády: The Szerdahelyi Family and the Predium-Holders of Rojcsa

Ferenc Glatz: Regional View of History in East Central Europe - Hungarians and Their Neighbours in the Age of State Foundation

György Székely: Czechs and Hungarians in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries

Gyula Kristó: The Foundation of the Hungarian State

Herwig Wolfram: The Hungarians and the Frankisch-Bavarian Ostmark

Dušan Třestík: Bohemians and Hungarians in the 10th Century

Contents in Hungarian