tsz2007 4kFerenc Glatz: State and Nation in Eastern Europe. On the Public Use of Historiography

Gábor Gyáni: Nationalism and the Changing Image of Europe in Hungary in the 19th and 20th Century

Renáta Raáb: Archduke John and the Crisis of Schleswig in 1848

János Szulovszky: „Phoenix Rising out of Ashes”. János Danielik’s Conception on the Compromise in 1862

Judit Pál: Old and New Officers in Transylvania after the Compromise

Imre Ress: Gyula Graf Andrássy D.Ä., Der „Reichsministerpräsident“?

Tibor Hajdu: The Minister and his Father-In-Law (István Burián and Géza Fejérváry)

Waltraud Heindl: Official Identity and Self-Identity. An Attempt to Define the Identity of the Cisleithanian Imperial and Royal Officers

Zoltán Szász: The Alternative to Formal and Real Independence. Romania’s Decision in 1883

Attila Pók: Radical and Liberal Democrats in Hungary During the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Miklós Szalai: The Ideas of Henry George and the Hungarian Progressives


Contents in Hungarian