Domokos Kosáry: Europe and Hungary in 1848

András Gergely: The Success Or Failure of the Revolutions of 1848

Zoltán Szász: The Nationalities and the 1848 Hungarian Revolution

Róbert Hermann: The Military History of 1848–49: New Findings of Research

Róbert Szabó: Political Propaganda and the Commemoration of an Historical Event Contributions to the Centenary Celebrations in March 1948

Ádám Erdész: The Interdenominational Hungarian University in Kolozsvár 1920–1921

Miklós Lackó: A Noble Conservative. The Cultural Philosopher Lajos Prohászka

Vera Zimányi: Supplicationum Merita. Extracts from Petitions Addressed to Count Ádám Batthyány I, Captain-General of Transdanubia

Gábor Schweitzer and Petra Török: ‘Don’t Thank Me for My Efforts in This Regard’

László Borhi: Documents on the History of Hungarian–US Relations, 1956–1958

Contents in Hungarian