TSz 2020 01 B1 kicsiSTUDIES
András Ribi The Beginnings of the National Competence of the Chapter of Buda 371
László Somogyi The Grey Zone of the Great War. Insight into the History of the Civilian Internment Camp at Vác 399
Gábor Fodor A Hungarian Hospital in Constantinople 413
Dávid Turbucz Old Sources, a Possible New Interpretation. Miklós Horthy as Commander-in-Chief 425
Gábor Buzgó Land reform in Nagyléta, Bihar County, in the 1920s 453
György Fuchs The Dolesch–Velich Affair. The Internment of Arrow Cross Officials in the Kiskőrös District of Pest County in the Summer of 1944 471

Gyula Kornis: Diary (Source Publication by Anna Dévényi) 497