TSz 2020 01 B1 kicsiSTUDIES
Balázs Sudár Sevenland. A Mysterious Country in the 10th Century Caucasus 213
Nándor Virovecz On the Historical Accuracy of Tinódi: a Contemporary Report about the Encounter of Szalka 223
Pál Hatos An impossible story. The Soviet Republic of Hungary in 1919 245
Tamás Meszerics “On the Intimate Friend’s Confidential Voice”. Secret English and US Propaganda Operations towards Hungary in World War II 267

Bálint Lakatos The Diplomats of the Hungarian–Bohemian King. Royal Envoys and Missions in the Jagiellonian period (1490–1526). Part II. Database 281

Nándor Pócs Centaurs 363